Black Dog Remedies

Curated selection of emotionally supportive products that are made with love, by us, just for you

Our mission is to empower each individual to manage their own mental well-being with our guidance and professional recommendations.  We are driven to create a community of well beings.  Healing isn't linear and 1 size does not fit all, our service intends to treat you holistically.

I've suffered from chronic and severe migraines for most of my adult life & over the last 4-5 years they've significantly worsened.  I've tried so many prescription medications to both treat and prevent - with no other effect other than horrifying side effects.  I've finally turned to alternative medicine and started using the black dog remedies CBDrops - I can genuinely say i've seen such an improvement in my symptoms.  The migraines have reduced in frequency and when they do occur they are shorter lasting and much less severe.  I feel like I can try and continue living my life once again

CBDrops success

I cannot recommend the black dog remedy 'Moody *itch' product highly enough.  Heading towards menopause - peri menopause has played havoc with my mood, keen not to be prescribed medication, I literally live on this stuff, it's been a life saver - don't even think twice about trying it - amazing!

Sarah Joselin
I'm no longer a moody *itch!

I was sent my own blend of remedies to support me through a break up I was devastated and felt helpless, my heart was broken and my brain a little too.  I was a little skeptical how this would work, but had been recommended this by a friend, I didn't have anything to lose, I didn't realise how much I actually had to gain - game changer, the consultation was like a counselling session alone but to have the follow up and the product to use after was the icing on the cake, I will recommend this to anyone who will listen - thank you so much 

Amanda Graves
Much needed emotional support



The black dog remedies have been created out of need to provide alternative options for emotional healing.   Frustrated that 1 size does not fit all and healing isn't linear, we created a gentle, less aggressive way of healing mind, body and soul.  Having experienced a life-changing incident,  I wanted to provide the emotional tool kit,  I relied on to survive it, it's never 1 thing, a magic bullet, it's a combination of things,  I want to share my knowledge with you.  I believe whole heartedly in the efficacy of these products and look forward to you experiencing first hand how impactful they can be within your own lives and those around you.